Sponsor Benefits

FITniche knows that the key to an event’s success is guided by the ability to gain qualified Sponsors. Once your sponsors are acquired, we provide multiple opportunities for relevant exposure, making it easier than ever to sell impressions. From the moment your event registration is live, to the moment Athletes celebrate across the finish line, FITniche has the tools to help you sell!

Our Sponsorship activations include the following:

  • Sponsor hyperlinks on Athlete Registration and Results Pages
  • Photo & Video Tagging = Free Athlete Photos
  • Sponsored pre-roll video on Athlete-facing media
  • Sponsored Photo Logo Overlays
  • Sponsored Custom Finisher Certificates
  • Sponsor Logos on full-colored and customizable bibs

Ready Talk To An Expert?

Tony Trotti
Cell: 863-289-7656
Email: tony@fitniche.com

Photo Tagging Services

Backed by ChronoTrack Live, we handle the nitty gritty of Athlete Photo Tagging by using state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This functionality means that we can even upload photos that don’t correspond to our timing data, such as photos in front of backdrops or in festival areas. As your ChronoTrack Timer, FITniche has the ability to effectively & efficiently process over 10,000 images per hour, by event, and at a rate of 85%+ accuracy, saving you time and headache on race day. (Additional costs may apply.)

Sponsored Photo Logo Overlays

With FITniche, start providing new and effective Sponsorship opportunities with maximum Athlete exposure! Seamless, flexible and immediately responsive, our logo overlay branding tool allows you to apply portrait and landscape oriented branding. Our tool affords you to apply different artistic frame layouts (of the logo branding) for both portrait and landscape photos. This allows for either two different layouts for one Sponsor, or two different layouts for two Sponsors. Simply send us your Sponsors’ digital artwork and we’ll take care of the rest!

Photo Overlay Miles for Moffitt
Sponsor Benefits Finisher Certificate Fallen Heroes

Sponsored Custom Finisher Certificates

Never miss an opportunity to provide sharable content to your Athletes; give them the tools to share their results and watch the impressions multiply. Whether you choose a picture-perfect backdrop or design a custom background, our Custom Finisher Certificate offering is designed to make you feel confident in providing a certificate your Athletes will be proud to share.

When used to its full capacity, the Finisher Certificate is a great opportunity to give your Sponsors added exposure and added value. Collaborating, creating, and executing Sponsorship deals has never been this simple – in just a matter of minutes, we can help you develop a high-quality, profitable product.

Sponsored Pre-Roll

In addition to the sponsorship opportunities enabled on athlete photos, FITniche Timing is exciting to take Sponsorship to the next level! Simply send us a :15 or :30 second pre-roll video clip and we will add your media to each Athlete’s finisher video. Did we mention that we have the ability to prevent click-through? If an Athlete is viewing their finisher video, they will 100% be viewing your Sponsors pre-roll!

Sponsor Benefits Video Preroll Run for the Pies
Sponsor Benefits Bibs Miles for Moffitt

Sponsored Logos on Bibs

Partnering with us allows you to have custom bibs to showcase your event and your sponsors.