Event Promotion

With FITniche Timing on your side, we work with Race Directors to get the word out to our database of event-hungry Athletes.

We’ll help you promote your event in the following ways:

  • Personalized Athlete Emails
  • Social Media Posts on our company pages
  • Featured Events Calendar on FITnicheevents.com and FITniche.com

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Tony Trotti
Cell: 863-289-7656
Email: tony@fitniche.com

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Athlete Emails

As soon as your event registration is live, we hit the ground running and send personalized emails to our database of 81,000 prospective Athletes. Our database is built from Athletes that have shopped at any one of our three local FL retail stores, as well as Athletes previously timed at various races, providing qualified leads for interested athletes. We will work with you, the Race Director, in creative ways to develop digital promotions specific to your event.

As a Race Director partnered with FITniche, you too will have the ability to send personalized emails to registered athletes, before and after your event.

Social Media Posts

With every race we time, we provided added promotion and exposure by sharing your event’s registration page to our company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. This means your event will be seen by an additional 2,443 active followers.

Event Promotions Facebook
Event Promotions Calendar of Events

Featured Events Calendar

Both our retail store web page and our timing services web page feature an Upcoming Events Calendar, with links to your live registration pages. By tapping into our network of engaged Athletes our we help you connect with Athletes looking to race!