Athlete Experience

At FITniche we facilitate the unique opportunity to provide Race Directors the power to deliver important content faster than ever, on a more user-friendly and engaging platform.

FITniche will help you provide:
✓ Expedited Packet Pickup
✓ On-the-go communication
✓ Course maps
✓ Live map tracking
✓ Results hosting and measurable Sponsorship exposure, all in one place.

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Develop a Custom Event Landing Page

Build a custom design for your event’s mobile and desktop experience.

  • Create an Event Landing Page to be featured on
  • Send Athletes push notifications before, during and after your event
  • Upload images and shareable links to promote Athlete engagement

Provide Athlete Tracking

Partnered with Athlinks Results, FITniche now has the ability to service LIVE Athlete Map Tracking.

  • Allow race spectators to visualize what segment of the course their Athlete is currently on, based on when and where the last time an Athlete crossed a timing location
  • Robust map visuals such as street names, city structures for point of reference, and even on-course elevation trackers
  • A service provided for any race type, including triathlons, obstacle racecourses, and ultras

Live Results

Host your Athlete’s Results and Media all in one place:

  • Host individual results with official timing splits
  • Create customizable Finisher Certificates to download and share
  • Track how and where your Athlete posts their certificate

Promote Sponsorship Opportunities

Promote your Sponsors in various locations, on via:

  • Your Event Landing Page
  • Athlete Individual Results Pages
  • Event Specific Media Pages
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